Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 249 & 250: Fri / Sat April 19th -

Day 249 and 250 - Spring Cleaning

For me, there is nothing better (home wise) than the feeling of accomplishment after Spring Cleaning!
Today's run (Saturday) was a good quick paced run, though my body is slightly sore from yesterday's running and then full day spring cleaning project, which included: carpet cleaning, furniture moving, dusting, baseboard and walls wiping, more dusting, more cleaning and finally loads of laundry and bedding.  So worth the time and effort, though there is always more to do. De-cluttering and cleaning is very cathartic. I love it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 248: Thurs April 17th - After the bad comes the good.

Day Two Hundred Forty-eight - After the bad comes the good.
I was bound and determined to follow up yesterdays crappy run with a good run this morning. Not that a person can force these things, but I was lucky enough to be rewarded with just that... a DAMN good longer run.   We ran nowhere spectacular or new, but rather Jax and I ran my favorite trail loop as many times around as we could fit in, with just enough minutes left to get home, shower, change and clock in at work.
Jax also seemed to enjoy our run, romping along in the morning sunshine, his shadow wagging its tail behind us.  Though he also nearly drank all my water. I didn't anticipate being gone as long as I was, so I only brought one water bottle, but happily gave most of it to my 4 legged canine friend. Jax deserves it. He comes along most mornings, surrendering to the run and just being in the moment without protest.
Well, most mornings without protest. lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 247: Wed April 16th - I ran out of Zip

Day Two Hundred Forty-seven - I ran out of zip... 

Without bellyaching too much, this was on the top ten worst runs this year. Or ever.  Though it was pretty outside, with wonderful cool temperatures and a calm breeze dancing the aromatic smells of spring blossoms across my nose.......the rest of me was blah. My head, feet, lungs, muscles and entire being were not into it. I shuffled along running, if you can even call it that. Not sure why, or what part of my system was out of sync, but it is mornings like this that make me appreciate the good runs. Because, if every morning felt like this, I would retire my running shoes. :)  

Day 246: Tues April 15th - Zippity Do Da

Day Two Hundred Forty-six - Zippity Do Da

My oh my... what a wonderful day!

Whatever kind of plants these are, they sure were beautiful against the rocks. 
A bright lime and sage green in the sunshine!

Day 245: Mon April 14th - Chasing a Fox!

Day Two Hundred Forty-five: Chasing a Fox!

Went adventuring with both my daughters this time. We ran around the trails, running from tree line to tree line, then made our way into the middle where we hiked through the brush.  Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like two tall ears perked up. The girls and I stopped and stared. It was difficult to see at first, but Mr. Fox was crouched down in the tall grass, watching us as we meandered his way.  Since we didn't want to scare him, and obviously we are not going to chase the fox, we stood very still and watched as he stood back up, glanced several times in our direction and went about his business.  He seemed less concerned with us than we were of him. 

I tried to zoom in and get a good shot of him on my phone, but you know how that goes. Long distant shots with a phone just don't come out well.
Funny enough, when another person out running or walking came down the trial, he'd scamper back up the hill into the bushes, but as soon as they were gone, he would come back down and hang out near us, doing whatever fox do. Even Jax didn't scare him.  The girls oohed and awed at the his beauty, his big bushy white tipped tail swishing behind him.
Thanks for paying us a visit Mr. Fox.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 244: Sun April 13th - Adventure Time


Day Two Hundred Forty-four
 - The <real> Adventure Time

I love dragging my daughters one at a time with me running on the weekends and days off. Not only does it break up the monotony of running every day, but I also LOVE to spend this one on one time with them.This particular day, Izzy went to play Tennis with Justin and Siena came along we me.

We spent nearly an hour and a half venturing around trails and through the center of the woods, hail pelting us along the way. Frozen rain rocketing down on our heads, stinging my ears (Siena was smart and wore a double hat). We laughed joyfully as we braved the microbursts of sleet, freezing our toes and fingers while looking for treasure or clues to what "They" left behind.
Understandably, there was a lot of stopping and starting as we jogged from site to site exploring.

Here is a small sample of what we found hidden in the woods.

<eerie music begins playing in the background>

This was hidden under some brush. It looks like old wood......or a coffin.

I lifted off the top and a second layer of wood was found underneath.

It looked like an large old crate, rotting in the ground.
However, Siena had a point.... it almost looked human sized. Long in length and about the right width. "Hopefully not a coffin!"
we joked... with nervous laughter.  I started to peel off the top but the two large black beetles we encountered under the second layer was enough to earn a little shriek from Siena as she exclaimed "let's come back with gloves and we can see what's in there next time!"

~ Stay tuned for part two... eventually......

Day 243: Sat April 12th - Battling forces of nature.

Day Two Hundred Forty-three - Battling forces of nature

Day 242: Fri April 11th - A decade gone by.

Day Two Hundred Forty-two - A decade gone by....

My youngest, Izzy was born 10 years ago on this day. My how time has flow.
Ran a quick run this morning, worked a quick half day and spent the rest of the afternoon taking her shopping to spend some birthday money. We had a lot of fun.
In all my 'quickeness'... I forgot to take a photo tho.

So here is one of Izzy:

Happy Birthday Iz!
Love you more than all the germs in the world times a billion...
(this is what we say to each other, she made this up when she was younger and said I love you)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 241: Thurs April 10th - Mostest Favortest Run

Day Two Hundred Forty-one - Mostest Favortest Run

I am well aware that "mostest and favortest' are not proper words, however, I warned any readers out there to ignore my grammatical ways.... I am definitely not a professional blogger. lol

Besides, I want to celebrate this morning as one of my mostest favortest runs.  Perfect cool temperatures, beautiful Spring blossoms and gorgeous smells that were a stark contrast to yesterdays garbage pick up day.

Here are some photos of my longer run adventure (sans Jax)

 - in reverse order:

Almost looks haunted.

Day 240: Wed April 9th - Garbage Day

Day Two Hundred Forty - Garbage Day

Today is Wednesday, Garbage Day. Dodging trucks on the way to the trail. Zig Zagging across the road while smelling the sweet and sour stench of open lids and recycling bins. yuck!  If I had to choose, Wednesday is my least favorite day to run.  To top off my fun-run-through-societies-garbage-pick-up type day, part of my favorite trail was roped off.  Damn!