Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 363: Sun Aug 11th - Funky Fuzzy Caterpillars

funky caterpillar crawling on Justin's hand
Day Three Hundred Sixty-three -   Funky Fuzzy Caterpillars

Had a nice family day at the large dog park / historic Parleys area. I hobbled running through the dog park and then hiked around with Siena while we checked out some of the historic ruins of buildings that were once thriving in the area. The inn / aqueduct and wine / brewery cellar were completed around the 1850's. This area had an inn, brewery, saloon, stores etc... and was supposedly a pretty hoppin place to make a stop when traveling through the area at the time.
The wine cellar that was built underneath the inn (the inn burnt down in the 1950's) was seemingly in great shape, if a little creepy looking.  Also it appeared at first that my daughters first name was spray painted over the doorway entrance which caught our attention. Upon closer inspection it spelled something else. But we got a kick out of it anyway.

It was pretty breezy outside, but not enough to dissuade this cute little fuzzy caterpillar from attempting to travel across the busy hill climb to / from the entrance of the nature preserve dog park area. Justin rescued it from being trampled by the many paws and shoes marching towards it.

historic wine seller

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