Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 317: Wed June 25th - Joy, Pain & Ice Buckets

Day Three Hundred and sixteen - Joy, Pain 
& Ice Buckets

Joy and  Pain. I experience these two .... all too often simultaneously lately while running.  Though some mornings the joy triumphs over the pain of my heel and lately my overcompensating other knee (grrrrr), while other mornings the muttered curses from my lips crush my attempted joy in the moment as I limp run my route wondering what in the hell I am doing and my mantra becomes "this is ridiculous" negative talk.
This morning, I am happy to report that after the past 5 days of more than usual cursing and pain while running, joy came out the far leader.
Sure, I still limped a little, but the flow of my feet took me over the dirt and roads. The warm morning air smoothing the lines of frustration on my face.
I felt happy and not so hurty to be out running.
Maybe ice buckets do help more than my wimpy ice packs. Just maybe he was right.
Justin made me force my foot and heel in a real bucket of very cold-full-of-ice-this-stings-so-bad-my-foot-is-going-to-fall-off-i'm-never-doing-this-again!!! water.
Maybe repeating this is helping.  I must admit that it seems to have.
Tonight... round two. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 313, 314, 315 and 316: Tues June 24th - What a difference a weekend makes.

Day 313, 314, 315 and 316 - 
What a difference a weekend makes.

Went to the homestead this weekend for a little R & R.  
It was nice to 
get away. 

Here is a photo collage of a beautiful weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 312: Fri June 20th - Sometimes......

Day 312 - Fri June - Sometimes......

Sometimes all there's left to do is shake your head and under your breathe mutter...
 "sometimes.... sometimes..."
This week has been full of those 'sometimes' moments.
Hoping for a restful weekend get-a-way.
My family, a few cold beers, ice pack for my heel, running shoes, dog, a good book .... and mountain peacefulness.

Day 310 & 311: Wed / Thurs June 19th - There's not an app for that.

Day 310 and 311 - There's not an app for that.

I think a lot when I run, even when I'm trying not to. Sometimes I get a break from the chattering in my brain, other times I solve the worlds problems, obsess about my own, recreate conversations or scenarios.......
of  'if this happened, I would say / do  <insert perfect thing>..... I even think about what to blog about, or experience something cool i'd like to share, only to get back to the computer and have my brain go blank.
Or even more common, I get flooded busy doing lifey (my new made up word) things and blogging it down takes a back seat.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 306, 307, 308 and 309 - Time

Day 306, 307, 308 and 309 - Time

I may have written about time before, but it's something I think about a lot when I run.
Not the kind of time in regards to running or a specific goal therein, but time, as in the passing of time as we live life. Time is something I feel I don't  have very much of. So many things I want to accomplish and do, places to see, things to teach my daughters, or just time to have fun.
Time continues to march onward at a fast pace, consumed with work, worry, stress and "to-do's".
For brief moments, time will seem not to matter and I'm in the moment, happy.
Sadly, this is often the exception instead of the rule.
I want to live life without regrets or 'shoulds', but often get caught up in them, especially the 'shouding' all over myself, that's my specialty. I need to stop that. *sigh*

Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 305: Fri the 13th - Superstitions

Day Three Hundred and five
 - Superstitions 

It's Friday the 13th, Full Moon and on top of that, I heard it's a rare Honey Moon (you can google it). So what does this mean? 
Are you superstitious?
I think of myself as not the superstitious type, but upon further reflection, I too have my running quirks, rituals, and routes I must take on a particular day, areas I must run in a particular direction and thoughts I obsess about while my feet hit in rhyme on the ground. Some I suppose you could call patterns, some routine.... but when I think of shaking up my routine, for example running around in the opposite direction, a small bit of anxiety will hit in the pit of my stomach and it will feel like the wrong thing to do, because what if.... what if what??!  I don't know. That is the funny thing. Not exactly rational and probably a bit on the OCD scale at times, but the anxiety of it is still there all the same.  Another must ritual of mine is   crossing a side bridge across the water on my main route where Buddha lives. I have to glance at the wooden Buddha shaped stump that is watching over the river and there I smile.  I see this Buddha as a sort of protection when I run the trails in a particular area by myself. 
To not smile at Buddha is not an option. Because what if?  What if what?!? 
Still, I don't have an answer. 
I just do it anyway.
Do you have any running (or non-running) superstitions? 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 303: Wed June 11th - Never! I say... NEVER!

Day Three Hundred and Three - Never! I say... NEVER!

Damn heel......swollen & OUCH!!

Day 301 & 302: Mon / Tues June 10th - The River Calls

Day 301 and 302 - 
The River Calls 

"I have a great idea!"  (me)

"uh oh...  what?"        (girls)
"Let's go to the river!"
"oh come one! It will be fun!"
"do we have to?"
"Yep, but it will still be fun"
 <second groan>

<Two hours later, ready to leave.>

"Okay guys.. we can go home now"
"Oh... do we have to??"
"Let us stay a little bit longer, this if fun!"
< me smiling>  "Sure!"

I love days like this. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 299 & 300: Sun June 7th - Three Hundred Days

Day 299 & 300 - Three Hundred Days

Three hundred days seemed so daunting last year.  Each month marked a new milestone that I high-fived myself on. However, at one point during this year goal, I naturally progressed from religious (and sometimes obsessive) counting of days.... into just a runner running each day, letting my blog and calendar keep time, as if they were their own separate being.  I prefer it that way. Less to think about, until that is, I go write my faithful "R" to mark that days accomplishment. ;)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 296 & 297: Wed / Thurs June 5th - We have power Captain!

Day 296 & 297 - We have power Captain!

Best doggie smile.

We have power and a better camera :)
You can't tell from this photo, but the river is full and fast. Jax had fun the past two morning jumping in and out, but was rather focused more on sniffing and eating long grass by the sides of the river. Funny dog.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 292, 293, 294 & 295 - Blog Blackout

New phone was broken 2 days after I got it. Lost all photos I took the past couple of days, sadly some were beautiful photos of Ghost Falls.  On the bright side......i'm still running. :)

Getting replacement new phone tomorrow.  Please forgive my blog blackout.