Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 200: Fri Feb 28th - R is for Running

Day Two Hundred!
 R is for Running

Each morning after I've run, I look forward to writing the 'R' on my kitchen calendar. Silly really. However, it plays a role in my motivation, instant reward for accomplishing that days run, gives me a visual that keeps me on track... and last but not least, makes me happy and proud of myself for getting my feet out the door.

200 Days... yay! 

Now the 165 day countdown begins! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 199: Thurs Feb 27th - Life's little reminders

Day One Hundred Ninety-nine:  Life's little reminders

This yellow ribbon tied onto a tree in the middle of the brush has been here for a while. Not sure who tied it or the reason. Perhaps tagging the tree for removal (hopefully not) or marking the path 20 ft in?  Doesn't make sense.  Who knows. But it got me to thinking that we have little reminders all the time in our lives. Ways we tag thing to remember, tasks to be done or ways not to get lost. For me, I have a tendency to write on the back of my hand or arm with a pen in small print if there is something crucial I need to not forget. 
Other methods I've tried over the years simply has not guaranteed that I remembered what was important for me to not forget.  I'm rambling now.
One thing I will say is that I loved the bursts of wind this morning.  Though wind is traditionally not a favorite weather condition for many people to run or walk in, I don't mind it.  My favorite is when a storm is blowing in, which was the case this morning. You could smell the storm, impending rain and change in pressure. Now as I write this, it is pouring rain outside. 

"I love the rain, it washes memories off the sidewalk of life" ~ Play it again, Sam

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 198: Wed Feb 26th -

Day One Hundred Ninety-eight -  Blink

Blink and it is morning. Get up, balance (sometimes wrestle) the day.
Blink again and it's evening, the sun goes down. Time for bed.

I have a love hate relationship with time. Trying to stay focused on the present moment can be challenging for my brain. Each day I wake up with good intentions to 'enjoy the little things'.
Some days are good, but others blow away in a blur of hustle, bustle, fun and sometimes chaos. Each of which I am fortunate to experience, but ......I blink and I am writing another R on my calendar at home. R=Running no time attached to it, however time is there staring back at me.  SLOW DOWN DAMNIT!

After my first daughter was born, I commented how fast she was growing during that first year. 
My Grandmother said to me  "Just wait Celeste... time speeds up as you get older and before you know it, you blink, and your my age..."  I already feel like I'm living life in warp speed trying to keep up. 

Perhaps if I jam toothpicks into my eyelids...  I won't be able to Blink.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 196 and 197: Feb 24th and 25th - Spring Recovering

Day 196 & 197 - Spring Recovery

Whew.... on the up swing from some nasty virus that smacked us all in the gut over the weekend.  Poor Jax also still recovering.  Not sure how we all, including the dog, ended up with some gastrointestinal problem that came in swift and harsh. Perhaps from the river that Jax swam in recently?  Who knows....luckily we are feeling 99% better.

However, the sunshine is wonderful medicine.  The past few days have been warm and beautifully spring like - in the 60's.


Day 194 and 195: Feb 22nd and 23rd - Stomach Woes

Day 194 and 195:  Stomach Woes

Without going into too much detail, the entire family, including Jax has been suffering some terrible stomach bug. 

Running the past two days has not been fun. 

But on the bright side... isn't this yellow pretty..... kind of looks like.... oh nevermind.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 193: Fri Feb 21st - Meet my new shoes.

Holy Brightness!
Day One Hundred Ninety-three:  

            Meet my new shoes.............------>

                                         My feet rejoice. 

The clouds create glorious images in celebration.  

                                It is a good morning.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 192: Thurs Feb 20th - How do you know?

Day One Hundred Ninety-two: 
How do you know?

How do you know what path is the right one? Which way to go? What road to turn on?       Right?       Left?       Straight ahead?
How do you know that the decisions you make are the right ones? 
When the shaky feeling goes away and all feels better inside? 
Is there even a wrong decision? Doesn't life go on regardless?

Questions.. questions... questions.... with no concrete answers.
So who knows what it all means?  I certainly don't.


All I know is that I went running this morning.. 
and it was a good.

Oh... and my new shoes are coming today!  
That alone is reason to celebrate :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 191: Wed Feb 19th - My Legs

Day One Hundred Ninety-one:  My Legs

We all have battled with our bodies to some degree or other. Our image of ourselves, what we think we should look like, what we like about our physical bodies, what we don't.  

This about sums it up how I feel.
Because.. I love my legs and my (too large) feet ;)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 189 & 190: Mon and Tues Feb 18th - A view worth smiling for.

  So beautiful.

Day 189 & 190 - 
A view worth smiling for.

(Today and yesterdays photos merged onto one page.)
Two lovely days in a row, the morning views were beautiful and clear.
I was lucky to catch a decent photo of the moon slowly descending in the sky (or rather the Earth  rotating..... whichever you prefer) as the sun comes up on the other side. Regardless how you interpret, it was well worth a minute of time to take the photo and marvel at it's beauty.

well... this is new

If you look carefully, you can see green!

Day 187 & 188: Sat and Sun Feb 16th - Roses are red... and so is my knee.

Day 187 & 188 - 

Roses are red... and so is my knee.

felt worse than it looks...

What started off as a beautiful Sunday morning, running the dense trails winding through the large dog park.... ended abruptly. We were racing at a good clip, pouncing around brush, stick and mud beds like deer on the small dense trails that snake throughout the woods, when suddenly one of those sticks hiding in the mud grabbed the toe of my shoe as I was springing over a mucky hidden stream.  Down I went... slamming my knee deep into the thick gunk of murky sticks, decaying leaves and rocks while my left hand and wrist caught the rest of my fall hitting hard on the other side on the dirt.
Very jarring. Falling frankly... sucks.  However, other than a few scratches, small bruise on my knee, a wrist that feels a little on the sprain side... I'm good :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 184: Wed Feb 12th - Stones

Day One Hundred Eighty-four:  Stones

While waiting for the first of the Spring flowers to greet us and say 'hi'... here is a photo of carefully placed stones. It was either that or photos of the recycling and garbage bins left by every curb this morning, and how much more fun would that have been? 
Great pace this morning. Though really I don't know what my pace was, as I don't time my runs while I'm doing this crazy streak thing. I'm just guessing it was a great pace for me as I felt in fluid motion, cruising along and quite winded when I was finished. It wasn't a super long run this morning, but fun all the same.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 183: Tues Feb 11th - Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Day 183: 

Tumbling Tumbleweeds in.... Spring?

 Look what emerged from underneath the melting snow.

Tumbling Tumbleweeds.....
Now I have the Jack Palance song from City Slickers floating around in my head and I have to admit I was humming along to the song for quite sometime and kicking them off the path. 



Day 181 and 182: Preying is for the Birds.

Day 181 & 182: 
Preying is for the Birds

Running Sunday was nice and started with a misty type rain which later turned into a brief downpour and ended again with lighter rain drops again.  I attempted to take a photo while it was raining hard, but the photo came out as only a puddle of water. <----------------------------------------------------------------
 It wasn't very cold, which was nice as I was wearing shorts.

Monday's run was even more interesting as I spied this beautiful young Bald Eagle perching over the second loop of the trail.  At first I couldn't tell what kind of bird it was. I see smaller birds of prey regularly hunting, but this one from a distance stood out.  

So I ceased running briefly and walked up slowly... closer and closer taking photos each time in case she decided to fly away. I was quiet and calm as I didn't want to scare her. Instead she stared back at me, turning her head this way and that with one eye...watching and aware.  Jax was oblivious of her presence and instead was off smelling some bush, tree or turd.

Though my camera didn't take photos that highlight her true beauty and grace, she was much larger than it appears through my phone camera. She stayed still other than rotating her head quizzically, putting up with my gawking at her.  After a few photos I whistled for Jax and continued running.  

This photo I cropped to zoom in so you can see her slightly better.... 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 180: Sat Feb 8th - Smell that.... it's RAIN!

                                                      Day One Hundred Eighty: Smell that... it's RAIN!

flower buds growing on the trees
Spring is near.

Snow is melting. 

Birds singing. 

Small rain drops falling on my 
cheeks while running.


Thank heavens. 

Little signs of Spring popping up, while the mountains get loads of much needed snow.

Spring is near!  So happy :)

just beware of defrosted un-picked up dog poo.... I may just hand out doggie bags to dog owners I see on the trails this Spring... Gggrrrrrrr
As Bill Cosby would say... 
"COME ON PEOPLE!"   geez.....

On another happy note, much to the relief of my aching feet, 
I am hoping to buy a new (much needed) pair of my favorite Mizuno running shoes soon! 
Can't wait!!

I see dirt!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 179: Fri Feb 7th - love is basic

Day One Hundred Seventy-nine:
love is basic

We all carry reminders with us. Sometimes it is in the form of a photo in our wallet, a ring we wear on our finger, a pin on our jacket, or even a thought or memory we repeat inside our hearts. Mine I wear on my wrist. 3 braided bracelets. Braclets I bought last summer at the a outdoor festival, one for me and one for each of my daughters. They wore theirs for a while until they eventually slipped off. I found one on them counter and the other in the laundry after washing clothes. I tied them on a couple months ago to keep company with my own. They represent my heart. The braided bright colors remind me of their fun and unique personalities, the joy they bring to life and how much I love them. 

My eyes catch a glimpse of the bracelets several times each day as the colors are bright against my wrist. It may be while I type on my keyboard writing an e-mail or while I am cooking dinner, chopping onions, folding clothes, or even while laying in bed reading a book but mostly I notice them while I am out running and stop to take a photo or check my watch to make sure I head back home in time to get ready for work, and when I see them... I smile inside. 

The bracelets are simple, but that is exactly why I love them. Just like love is simple.  Love is basic.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 178: Thurs Feb 6th - Chaos is for the Dogs

Day One Hundred Seventy-eight: Chaos is for the Dogs

more ice and snow and more on the way.....
Chaos is for the Dogs... How so?  His name is Jax.  Having not run yesterday and doing little more than rest on his bed and eat, this morning he was absolutely FULL of energy.  Letting him off leash on the trail for a while had him acting like it was his best. day. ever! I think he saved up his energy from the day before and let all hell break loose running crazy around. Poor guy needs a back yard. I played chase with him while running, which was a fun way to increase my workout and test my lung capacity.  

I think I've become a little bit of a fixture running up and down the same hill on the way to the woods and trail. People wave to me as I go by and smile at Jax. Some call me crazy, some cheer me on if they see me out in bad weather while they are shoveling snow. It's fun.

I very much enjoy this crazy running streak more than I imagined I would. At least mentally, my body doesn't always agree or cooperate. I look forward (nearly)every day to that moment / feeling a mile into the run where I am no longer cold, my lungs and muscles are warmed up and I can ease into my pace. It feels natural and my mind melts away any frustrations / tensions. Even better is the feeling I have when I am back home after cruising down the hill, winded but feeling powerful and strong. I love it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 177: Wed Feb 5th -

Day One Hundred Seventy-seven: 
The sky so blue... the ground so white.... 
the air SO COLD!

Ran without my BCF (best canine friend) today. :(

His back paw appeared to be bothering him as he has a slight limp after yesterdays run. So he stayed home, cozy on his bed. He didn't seem too bothered about not going, rather he seemed quite content to stay put, just glancing in my direction as I put on my shoes and headed out the door.

It was beautiful again outside. The air was crisp and cold.  The trail was not as slippery since it received a couple of inches of fresh snow yesterday that covered the icy areas, well.. most of them.  It was a hard work out plowing my feet through the snow in sections that were not already stomped on, though after a while I was not shivering anymore and that was nice, even took my gloves off. 

Spring is on the horizon. I look forward to seeing flowers, tree blossoms and green.  Winter has its beauty to be sure, however it is wearing out its welcome.

Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 174, 175 & 176: Feb 4th - Didn't see the ditch through the snow...ouch

Day 174, 175 & 176 - Didn't see the ditch through the snow. 

Beautiful morning.

Lightly twisted my ankle falling a few inches lower than I anticipated.. my foot landing in a ditch. ouch!

I didn't take a photo today. I stayed on the roads due to the new snow that fell last night and time limits, but frankly didn't see anything super interesting to stop and take a photo of.  Stopping requires taking off my gloves, getting my phone out of my spibelt without it falling into the snow, making sure Jax doesn't pull on my arm mid-shot (which has on several occasions led to a frozen phone) and snapping something. However, with only more white frozen stuff to take a photo of, it just wasn't worth the effort this morning.

Perhaps I should have taken a photo of the ditch my left foot landed in, had I not been cursing limping forward for several minutes afterwards. That might have been more interesting than more snowy road photos. ha ha.

However, snowy trails are a different kind of beauty :)
The following photos are from my beautiful run yesterday (Monday).  
Still a multitude of white scenes around, but oh so pretty and peaceful. 

I let Jax off leash in a couple areas so he is able to run around bat shit crazy, pee and sniff on everything.  I think this makes him a happy dog. 

and he's off again.. nice view Jax.
Jax is actually sitting still for a photo on take one... rare

Beware of Troll

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 173: Sat Feb 1st - It's Snowing Colors

Day One Hundred Seventy-three: It's Snowing Colors

Whomever said winter colors were made solely of a mix between white, black and  grey... never saw the beauty of a storm sweeping past during a sunrise.

gorgeous untouched photo showing snow sweeping across the sky in the background.