Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 358: Tues Aug 6th - Just

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Eight  - Just

'Just' seven days left. SEVEN?!  I can hardly believe it. 
 However I must share how I feel about the word 'Just'. Because, it's not 'just' another 7 days. They are 7 days full of potential, wonder and happy moments. 7 days to complete an idea that 'just' happened to pop into my head last year on my 39th birthday. But really it was not 'just' an idea, but rather something I felt compelled to do, to complete and to make my own. Now with 7 days left, I want each of these 'just' 7 days to count.

Just falls into the same category of words that for me feel limiting.  Similar to 'maybe', 'sort of', 'tried', 'trying' 'impossible', 'can't'  etc...  you get the idea.
As for 'Just'. It's not every use of the word 'just', but when paired with a phrase such as "just a dog", "just an idea", "just a goal', 'just a another day'.  Such a limiting perspective on something that can be great, powerful, personal and  positive, no matter what the 'just' precedes.

So for these next 7 days, I plan to celebrate each footfall, each photo and afterwards feel gratitude as I look back on the journey that 'just' a few steps out the door has led me. 



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