Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 11: Fri Aug 23rd. Bless Teachers

Day Eleven August 23rd:  Dropped my girls off (4th and 6th grade) this morning, finishing up their first week of school.  My oldest just started Middle School... which I have to admit caused me some angst, but she seems to have found her footing quickly and loves it.  This is the first time our school district has integrated the 6th graders into middle school with 7th and 8th (9th now go to high school). So the arrangement is quite new.  My youngest is loving her new teacher and classroom.  I think she feels very comfortable knowing it's the same wonderful teacher her older sister had.  Bless teachers.  They are amazing. I personally do NOT have the patience to be a teacher. 
Oh by the way... this is a beautiful photo of a flower (I need to identify) on the secondary higher trail this morning. 

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