Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 1: Tuesday August 13th 2013 It Begins

Day One August 13th:  I've never done a blog before.  Please pardon my mistakes, grammatical errors, goofiness and occasional profanity. :)  Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 39.  I'm a runner. Not fantastical and not fast.  I simply run. I love to run.  Pain or not, rain or shine, my dog or daughter by my side... or just me and my two feet hitting the trails.  Today begins my quest.  I will run every day in between now and my 40th birthday.  Healthy or broken. I will run.  Some days will be longer than others, but each day I will run.  My goal, along side running each day for the next 365 days, is to take a photo of something beautiful, inspiring, interesting, funny or otherwise.  It is to be present on my runs. To notice the world.  I will post here each photo along my journey.  Some will include notes, some novels, some interesting stories and boring ones... sometimes just a photo.
Wish me luck!   ~ Peace


  1. Wow! What a cool idea for a blog and a way to celebrate the end of your 30's!! I found you from your comment on my blog and I'm glad I came across yours. :) I turned 40 less than a year ago...my 41st birthday is coming up two weeks from today and I am hoping for a fun goal/accomplishment for the coming year. My 40th year included a surprise trip to Italy as well as my first Boston. Here's hoping I'm healthy enough to run my 2nd Boston next spring. I think just healing from that and replacing a traumatic memory with a peaceful one will be a great accomplishment for the year.

    How much are you planning to run every day? Do you have a treadmill for days when it is truly awful outside? I'm so curious about your journey and think it is awesome!

    1. Thank you! So far it has been really fun! I vary my runs from 3-6 miles and more on long days (my days off work). I haven't really tracked the mileage much, just as long as I get out and run each day. My runs depend upon how much time I have and what time I get out the door. I hope to buy another treadmill eventually, but for now I will just run outside. I think the only real crappy days I'm not particularly looking forward to, will be 'inversion' bad air days in the dead of winter (as I have asthma) or any freak winter ice storms.
      Congratulations on Boston, though I hope you get a chance to have a peaceful experience next year. I think that day tore the hearts out of all us runners (and everyone), but runners are tough. I love how everyone bonded together. I can't wait to see next years Boston turnout. I think it will be amazing! I wish I could be there. Congratulations on 40 as well. I think Italy also sounds like a great way to celebrate turning 40! I may have to hint about that to my husband. ;)