Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 14: Mon Aug 26th - Achilles and Yoga

 Day Fourteen August 26th:  One of my favorite places.  I can see Autumn slowly creeping the hillside of the Rocky Mountains.  We've had one of the hottest July and Augusts on record. I will not miss the 100+ degree temperatures!  Bring on the cool breezes, storms... but hoping for a long Fall before the snows. 
Feeling good so far day fourteen.  My Achilles tendon isn't loving me all the time, but ice helps... and of course ibuprofen. I really thought running every day the same routes (for the most part) would be physically harder without recovery, but I feel like my body is adjusting to it.  I started incorporating daily yoga for 20 minutes every night.  This helps my hip flexors a bunch, but also helps me shake off the stress from the work day.  
It's nice having the girls back in school (no more fighting). I love to hear how their day turned out once I pick them up from school or while I'm making dinner.  We've been going to the farmers market each Sunday and picking up fruits, vegetables, bread, garlic and the best damn green salsa ever! I have really enjoyed cooking with fresh local produce.  I wish I could get them to really enjoy more vegetables...they are missing out! So... I'm working on that ;)

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