Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 305: Fri the 13th - Superstitions

Day Three Hundred and five
 - Superstitions 

It's Friday the 13th, Full Moon and on top of that, I heard it's a rare Honey Moon (you can google it). So what does this mean? 
Are you superstitious?
I think of myself as not the superstitious type, but upon further reflection, I too have my running quirks, rituals, and routes I must take on a particular day, areas I must run in a particular direction and thoughts I obsess about while my feet hit in rhyme on the ground. Some I suppose you could call patterns, some routine.... but when I think of shaking up my routine, for example running around in the opposite direction, a small bit of anxiety will hit in the pit of my stomach and it will feel like the wrong thing to do, because what if.... what if what??!  I don't know. That is the funny thing. Not exactly rational and probably a bit on the OCD scale at times, but the anxiety of it is still there all the same.  Another must ritual of mine is   crossing a side bridge across the water on my main route where Buddha lives. I have to glance at the wooden Buddha shaped stump that is watching over the river and there I smile.  I see this Buddha as a sort of protection when I run the trails in a particular area by myself. 
To not smile at Buddha is not an option. Because what if?  What if what?!? 
Still, I don't have an answer. 
I just do it anyway.
Do you have any running (or non-running) superstitions? 

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