Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 317: Wed June 25th - Joy, Pain & Ice Buckets

Day Three Hundred and sixteen - Joy, Pain 
& Ice Buckets

Joy and  Pain. I experience these two .... all too often simultaneously lately while running.  Though some mornings the joy triumphs over the pain of my heel and lately my overcompensating other knee (grrrrr), while other mornings the muttered curses from my lips crush my attempted joy in the moment as I limp run my route wondering what in the hell I am doing and my mantra becomes "this is ridiculous" negative talk.
This morning, I am happy to report that after the past 5 days of more than usual cursing and pain while running, joy came out the far leader.
Sure, I still limped a little, but the flow of my feet took me over the dirt and roads. The warm morning air smoothing the lines of frustration on my face.
I felt happy and not so hurty to be out running.
Maybe ice buckets do help more than my wimpy ice packs. Just maybe he was right.
Justin made me force my foot and heel in a real bucket of very cold-full-of-ice-this-stings-so-bad-my-foot-is-going-to-fall-off-i'm-never-doing-this-again!!! water.
Maybe repeating this is helping.  I must admit that it seems to have.
Tonight... round two. 

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