Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 265: sun May 4th - 50 Bikes vs. a Runner

Day Two Hundred Sixty-five: 50 Bikes vs. a Runner

it's so beautiful and alive with wild flowers everywhere...
these two on bicycles above were very nice people

Ran BST (Bonneville Shoreline Trail this morning). Beautiful morning, started cool enough, but quickly warmed up.  Funny enough, very few runners / hikers on the trail, I must have missed the memo about it being "Bike Day".  I lost count, but there were at least 50 Bikes I passed from beginning to end of the trail. Two pulled over to let me past, the rest of them I either kindly waited for or they blasted past giving me no choice but to step to the side or risk being plowed over.  I'm quite polite to others on the trail, giving space, room to run or ride past, but there were a few stinkers who weren't so kind in return.
Other than that, I was much faster today. I felt strong and lively.

more beautiful purple flowers hidden in coves along the trail

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