Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 277: Fri May 16th - If I had a garden.... it would be full of flowers.

Day Two Hundred Seventy-seven
 - Garden full of flowers

At the risk of looking creepy, many times I pause running and take photos of flowers gracing the front and sides of strangers homes along my route, hoping that someone isn't  looking out their windows wondering who this 'chick' is and why is she taking photos with her phone.
Peering at creative ways people doll up their front yard and garden areas can be quite fun and engages my mind as I imagine what I would grow, changes I would make if it were mine and sometimes  marveling at the simple beauty in each yard, dreaming of my own.

If I had a garden. It would be overflowing with flowers, vegetables, tomatoes, basil, lavender, thyme, mint, etc...  I would spend a good percentage of my free time tending to it, watering, weeding and learning about the growth cycles, pests and requirements for each plant to be successful. I would teach my daughters about gardening and the joy in eating what you've grown. 

Nothing beats a ripened tomato, warm from the sun and fresh off the vine as you bite into it, seeds spraying your nose. 

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