Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 276: Thurs May 15th - Duck on a Hill

Day Two Hundred Seventy-six - Duck on a Hill

This duck gave us several not-so-friendlly-stay-the-hell-away-from-me quacks as we ran by. Jax barely paid him any mind, preferring to take advantage of our pause in running while I snapped this photo, to pee on a tree.

It started to warm up quickly this morning as the sun came up.  I fear the cold crisp mornings are on hold for the rest of the season.  At the risk of complaining about the weather too early -  before the summer heat really begins, I already cannot wait until Autumn. I run much better in colder temperatures.
However, best to just enjoy the moment and current Spring and incoming Summer weather I suppose.
It will go by fast enough.

89 days left of my year running streak.  89 days left until I turn 40 (gasp!).
Not that I'm counting... or dreading.   ;)

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