Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 268 and 269: Wed and Thurs May 8th -

Day 268-269 -

I love love LOVE this weather. Rainy, stormy, cool air, clouds, and solitude....
 did I mention how much I love this weather and running in it! 
For me, as I was thinking about last night, running (primarily trial running) or hiking in nature, is the time when I feel like my truest self.  The real me. The place I feel strong, happy and alive. What makes it even better are the times I can bring Siena and Izzy along and watch them transform from an indoor kid to enjoying the amazing outdoor world around us, throwing rocks into the river, watching a fox, deciphering footprints in the dirt. The river is wild now with water, roaring loudly and cascading down the large rocks underneath the bridge I cross each morning when I run in my regular places.
 I look forward to this weekend and being able to venture out on some higher trails again, exploring and getting away.
Cool! I just heard a rumble outside. Thunder. Did I mentioned how much I love the rain!  Now it is hailing!

I'm sure this could be put much more eloquently, but the headache in my eyeballs is challenging my brain circuits.

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