Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 290 & 291: Thurs / Fri May 30th - Bested by a squirrel

Day 290 & 291 - Bested by a squirrel...

Round one:  Loud scratching noises come rapidly from the tree in front of us.  I cannot see our opponent.  Jax and I come to a halt in our run, listening....... then feverishly we circle the tree trying to find the source of the noise. Jax sniffing intensified... trying to locate the beast.

Round two:  Scratching noises come to a sudden halt but are replaced with loud barking / chirping noises that sound closer than the scratching did moments before. Alarm signals rise up from the small hairs on my arm. Jax looks up at the tree, seemingly to see something that I cannot.

Round three:  Chattering becomes louder and louder still.  Suddenly...out of the shadows of the tree we are confronted by an adolescent squirrel.
I screech with surprise.

Jax jumps up in excitement. I  pull Jax away. The daring squirrel charges down the base of the tree. When it finally reached the bottom and charged forward quite aggressively...... we ran!

and THAT is how you are Bested by a squirrel.

We are so brave.

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