Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 205: Wed Mar 5th - Frosty with a touch of Frozen

Day Two Hundred-five: Frosty with a touch of Frozen

A bit colder this morning than I had anticipated, but still beautiful out. 
Unfortunately my heel is giving me grief again. This time it's not directly my Achilles tendon, but more so the boney part of the heel itself. I've had this plague me before, but it was in my late teens years ago. I think the day to day running stress is aggravating my heel.  Frustrating, since the heel is quite   
an unforgiving place to have an injury.The bone area of my heel is swollen, but not a blister from rubbing, more like a growing bone spur. Each footfall is a reminder.  The pain can be quite intense, at least during the first mile or so. Then it seems to lessen a bit and I am able to ignore and enjoy the rest of my run.  I use ice, yoga and stretching to lessen the pain and lengthen my Achilles and calf... but so far it isn't doing much. Any suggestions?  'Not running' cannot be one of them however.  At least not yet. :/

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