Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 206: Thurs March 6th - Magical moments in the ordinary

Day Two Hundred-six: Magical moments in the ordinary

The exposure of this photo came out looking like a parallel universe giving us a peek into what is possible.                                    (My interpretation)
The colors, sunlight and glow of an everyday object in the distance, became magical, in what would ordinary.  My eyes caught a glimpse, far in the distance, of what appeared to be a bright glowing globe floating just above the ground. I quickly took a photo trying to capture what I was seeing.The photo gave partial confirmation to my imagining mind, but in person from a ways back, the object gave off an intense glow and hovered as the sun threw it's rays in just the right way, making it difficult to see what was behind the mystery.
It made me think of finding magic in the ordinary. When we open our eyes to the possible, beautiful, original, and sometimes unexplainable, we are in essence, seeing magic in it's true form.

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