Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 213: Thurs March 13th - This is how I fly

Day Two Hundred Thirteen - 
 This is how I fly...

Gorgeous morning long run.  The temperature was perfect, the ground smooth and my feet soared. No heel pain today! 

The county posted several of these bird boxes on trees throughout. It's funny how you notice the slightest change(s) in an environment you have run hundreds of time, looking at them with new wonder and curiosity. Jax will often growl at something seemingly out of place on the trail, or if he doesn't happen to do a low grumble growl, his hackles will rise alerting me he sees something not usually there.  

The horses were out in pasture today. A sweet mama and her baby, munching on grass in the field. Jax didn't lunge at them in excitement this time, but rather sniffed in their direction, ears perked up and then cruised after me off-leash since he was trailing behind.

No thorns in paws + no major time limits = long run reminding me how wonderful it is to be able to run and feel joy in the moment of doing so. 


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