Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 215 & 216: March 15th & 16th - Running on Kale

Day 215 & 216 - Running on Kale

not really kale....

I love kale. I eat a good amount in my after run smoothies and dinner salads. However, my daughters have yet to fall in love with it and often request that I not put kale in their breakfast smoothies. So, I'll let you in on a secret............shhhhhhh..........sometimes I simply forget to 'not' add it, then I add a bit more fruit, blend, pour into bold colored cups in an attempt to mask the green healthy goodness and then as a final touch, a cute straw. But what's a mom to do?  Spinach is yummy to add also, but I find you can't mask the taste as well.   It's funny how these 'superfoods' come in and out of fashion. Kale is the "it" food for the moment, though I've read information that it has been a part of peoples diets for many years. There are all sorts of variety of kale from red Russian  to dinosaur kale (my favorite). Another superfood  - Chia seeds.... yep, I have fallen prey to this fad as well and add two tablespoons each smoothie making session.  Plain greek yogurt (check), ground up flax seed (check), whey powder (check)... and lastly a bit of fruit, half banana and ice.
Blend, pour, repeat.     ~ Cheers

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