Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 209 & 210: Sun and Mon March 10th -

Day 209 and 210 -
Sticks and Stones

Very warm out during this mornings run. Again, the warm before the storm. Snow is forecast for some areas within the valley.

With the exception of a couple dogs and one owner, the trail was quiet. Jax is limping again, poor guy injured his left paw a couple days ago. After giving him a few days off , I left him off leash  so he was able to go his own pace. He loved sniffing and peeing on every bush, sprinting ahead, waiting and peeing some more.

There are so many beautiful sights up here on the trail nearest the mountains.  I am excited for the wild spring flowers to come out of hiding. They will again frame the narrow northern trail with thousands of small purple blooms, so beautiful, they look like each one was perfectly painted in place. Until then, I enjoy the stones, the river and the coolest little shack / pad someone(s) built out in the field. 

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