Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 221: Fri March 21st - Lucky Me?

Day Two Hundred Twenty-one - Lucky Me?

A hustling type of morning. In a hurry. Woke up 30 minutes later than usual. Rushed out the door. Ran my fast route and on the way back ran right into a half folded $20 bill in the road.  My first thought was sad for the someone missing a $20 bill.  I looked around carefully wondering who could have lost it. There was nothing and no one in sight to be the hero for and return the bill. If it were a missing item I found, I could have put it by a tree or somewhere for someone to find. But leaving money in a road, I simply cannot do.
Instead, after a few moments ... I picked it up and ran with it in my hand. 
I think I shall do something good with it.  I feel for whomever lost it. I know $20 is a good amount of money. It's not like losing a dollar bill. I would be going crazy if I lost twenty dollars. 
Any ideas of what I should do with the $20?


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