Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 230: Sunday March 30th - Running is for girls.

Day 230 - 
Running is for girls

Encouraged (okay, actually made) my girls disconnect from electronics and venture outside this Sunday morning. It was a very windy day with potential for rain. This alone was motivation for them. They enjoy going outside on very windy days for two reasons. One being that running in the wind is simply fun! You feel taken away by the gusts, feeling the power as you are blown about.  & Two ....because bugs don't fly around on the very windy days, but massive tumbleweeds sure do!

This one looks like it's trying to gobble Izzy up while Siena calmly watches.

Jax probably wondering what the heck this thing is supposed to be?
Mid way we stopped to take a swing break before continuing on again. The winds had died down a bit.
A fairy tree?

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