Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 237: Sunday April 6 - Sleep in? Me... nope.

Day Two Hundred 
Thirty-seven -  
Sleep in?  Me.... nope.

Try as I might, each Sunday morning, I cannot for the life of me sleep in. I've tried. My eyes see the daylight creeping in through the windows, the slight hue of blue signaling to my feet that it's time to get up. 
I turn over, curl up in my covers and attempt to go back to sleep. It's what your 'supposed to do' on a Sunday morning right? Not me, my legs start getting antsy, my eyes wide in the days anticipation and I rise.

However, I never regret not sleeping in. There is too much to do and see... especially on a lovely, sunny and springtime Sunday morning run :)

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