Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 238: Mon April 7th - Rockin the road

On the way to being dropped off.
Day Two Hundred Thirty-eight 
- Rockin the road

Dropped off and ran the foothills, through various roads, through the woods and back home. 
I did track my miles today on GPS <head held in shame>, which I said I would NOT do during this year streak, but I couldn't help it. For me it wasn't about the miles but more out of monitoring distance with my four legged companion.  Jax is conditioned to go about 7 miles or so, and though I have a regular route that I know is exactly that, I wanted to run somewhere new and make sure not to push him too far. We ended up going just shy of 9 miles. It was great.  Jax rocked it! I brought lots of water for him.  We always cute and funny looks as he drinks water during our runs from my water bottle, as I squeeze it into his mouth (I also have a little collapsible bowl).  The weather was beautiful, clear skies. It ended up being warmer than I anticipated, so I was a bit too toasty in my long sleeve black running shirt.  Time flew by, I felt like I could go a lot longer, but needed to get him home. It was as close to a perfect run as you could get.

Tired pup.

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