Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 258-260: April 27-29th 30.1 Miles = Tired Feet

Day 258-260 - 30.1 Miles = Tired Feet

Wow... what a great few days off of work. What a grand adventure (two actually) out on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail... and how about those achy feet of mine!

So the new running grounds I tried out over the weekend were a success.  I had Justin drop Jax and I off at City Creek and ran through crazy stormy weather 10.5 miles. (Yes, I clocked it again... I had to know since it was all unfamiliar to me).  It was a beautiful, hailing, soggy, water logged run through the switchbacks and shoreline trails... and I loved (most) every minute of it.  I wanted to try out my new hydration pack since I loath to carry water bottles for longer runs, so this was a great place to test it out. Jax loved the new smells, puddles and wide fields of flowers that he romped around in getting as muddy as possible.

Funny enough, I loved the new trail(s) so much, I went the reverse way and extended it, heading the other way on the shoreline trial and switchbacks and clocked 15.5 miles the next day :)  This time it was much drier, but the Red Butte switchback area I took led deep into the canyon and some mighty tough hills that kicked my butt early on.  Afterwards, tired and sore, I felt like a warrior.  Worth every new pain and achy feet.

So, adding in this mornings short run.... I clocked 30.1 miles in only a couple days. 

I still cannot post photos. I have many to add. I will try adding them tomorrow.

Until then... ice bath time.

(Updated April 30th Photos working now - these are from day 1 on the Bonneville Shoreline and switchbacks)

Climbing up from City Creek Canyon

Rain, rain, rain....
Fog starting to roll by

quickly, the fog cloud enveloped the trail for several minutes, at one point I could only see about 10-15ft ahead
so green, though.... the hillsides will be the classic brown color of summer

it's hard to tell, but it was actually raining hail pellets in this photo
some of the trail was very slippery
far away view of downtown Salt Lake

on a mostly brown dirt or rock trail, small areas of bright beautiful red appear in various areas

Spring wildflowers were beautiful and the smells equally so.

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