Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 244: Sun April 13th - Adventure Time


Day Two Hundred Forty-four
 - The <real> Adventure Time

I love dragging my daughters one at a time with me running on the weekends and days off. Not only does it break up the monotony of running every day, but I also LOVE to spend this one on one time with them.This particular day, Izzy went to play Tennis with Justin and Siena came along we me.

We spent nearly an hour and a half venturing around trails and through the center of the woods, hail pelting us along the way. Frozen rain rocketing down on our heads, stinging my ears (Siena was smart and wore a double hat). We laughed joyfully as we braved the microbursts of sleet, freezing our toes and fingers while looking for treasure or clues to what "They" left behind.
Understandably, there was a lot of stopping and starting as we jogged from site to site exploring.

Here is a small sample of what we found hidden in the woods.

<eerie music begins playing in the background>

This was hidden under some brush. It looks like old wood......or a coffin.

I lifted off the top and a second layer of wood was found underneath.

It looked like an large old crate, rotting in the ground.
However, Siena had a point.... it almost looked human sized. Long in length and about the right width. "Hopefully not a coffin!"
we joked... with nervous laughter.  I started to peel off the top but the two large black beetles we encountered under the second layer was enough to earn a little shriek from Siena as she exclaimed "let's come back with gloves and we can see what's in there next time!"

~ Stay tuned for part two... eventually......

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