Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 248: Thurs April 17th - After the bad comes the good.

Day Two Hundred Forty-eight - After the bad comes the good.
I was bound and determined to follow up yesterdays crappy run with a good run this morning. Not that a person can force these things, but I was lucky enough to be rewarded with just that... a DAMN good longer run.   We ran nowhere spectacular or new, but rather Jax and I ran my favorite trail loop as many times around as we could fit in, with just enough minutes left to get home, shower, change and clock in at work.
Jax also seemed to enjoy our run, romping along in the morning sunshine, his shadow wagging its tail behind us.  Though he also nearly drank all my water. I didn't anticipate being gone as long as I was, so I only brought one water bottle, but happily gave most of it to my 4 legged canine friend. Jax deserves it. He comes along most mornings, surrendering to the run and just being in the moment without protest.
Well, most mornings without protest. lol

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