Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 234: Thurs April 3rd - Run Simply

Day Two Hundred Thirty-four - Run Simply

As I was running this morning, I thought about all the different experiences happening simultaneously in the world at the exact moment my feet were crunching along the rocky trail.  

During that moment there was someone dying, living, being born, loving, hating, arguing, starting new, getting fired, feeling scared, being gentle, being honest, hungry, fighting in war, fighting their own war, quitting a job, awake, lonely, practicing kindness, stealing, being bullied, working on feeling better, protecting, lying, smiling, healing, starting something new, feeling angry, tired, feeling happy, laughing, surviving, running to something, running away from something 
or just simply running.

Feeling overwhelmed.  
 I turned off my brain 
and ran simply.

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