Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 87: Thurs Nov 7th - River Runs Wild

Day Eighty-seven:  River runs wild....again...for a moment.

The river has been silent and empty lately. My run was sore today. Yesterday was a very active day on my feet with no breaks - and of course running before the busy day didn't help.
So today my feet protested a bit. I ran slow, took it easy. One headphone in for motivation and beat, the other ear listening to anything and everything, one foot at a time. 
Coming around the bend the silence in my right ear was suddenly filled with a rushing noise that I couldn't place. I stopped. Jax circled around himself, curious as well. Taking out my left ear bud I listened as the white noise became louder. For a moment I was confused and couldn't place it. I looked toward the sky ( my first panic thought was a plane was on it's way, falling from the sky and ready to smash me into the trail... I have a bit of a plane phobia.  And yes I am being a little on the dramatic side, as it was loud... but not imminent-demise-plane-falling-from-the-sky loud). 
Seeing nothing, we ran over to the bridge and became witness to the river unleashing. It was as if someone had been holding the water hostage (the dam is miles away by the mountain base) and then with a countdown of 1...2....3...  it roared to life (a sound I miss).  I could see the winding front in the distance, the water snaking it's way quickly across the rocks and boulders heading West. Carrying with it was mounds of debris that tumbled and rolled along. Going across to the other side of the bridge, the river behind was full of water topping it's banks, racing super fast and pushing over the mini fall underneath our feet with a loud  ....well, ya know... the loud river roaring under a bridge sound.                                    Needless to say, it's power was pretty cool. 

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