Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 99: Tues Nov 19th - Mild days and mountain snow

Day Ninety-nine:  Mild days and mountain snow.

It feels like Spring outside. The temperatures are mild and beautiful. I actually hear birds chirping, felt rain drops (while running) and see many flowers still hanging about..... while also spying people putting up holiday decorations and lights, Christmas carols on the radio and talk of shopping for gifts. However, for my brain this equals = seasonal confusion.  I'm not complaining mind you. I like not having to shovel and the mountains are still getting a good amount of snow (as per the news).  But while the holidays are nearing, it feels somewhat off.  I'm sure before long however, I will be longing for these 'mild' days while my hands and nose are frozen and my shoes are crunching the icy frozen, salty ground.

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