Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 93: Wed Nov 13th - Mornings Alive - fluffy stuff

Day Ninety-three:          Mornings Alive  (warning.... incoming fluffy stuff)

I love mornings when I feel so happy to be awake and alive. I imagine part of it is the loss of a loved one that gives way to introspective thoughts and feelings about life, but it's also a reminder that time is short, years fly by and it's important to remind ourselves to live our best with love and kindness whenever possible.  What is fabulous about each morning when the sun rises, is it is a new chance to do so.

To shine, to smile and to be joyous. 
I can admit that I have not always lived my life with love, patience and at times instead I have let selfishness and anger cloud my brain and heart, but I must remind myself to embrace family, friends, my children, husband and the things in my life I am fortunate to experience, as it is only moments we are guaranteed in life and how we choose to feel and live in those moments is 100% on us.

So today I choose love.

*family reading this are going to think I fell down while running and hit my head since I am not openly a fluffy-feeling person... but today I give myself permission to be :)

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  1. Celeste, I really loved this one today.....thanks for having me in your life!