Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 82: Sat Nov 2nd - Bark Hill

Day Eighty-two: Thorns of life... and a bark hill.

I think this is a good look for him..... 
I've decided.... Life is not supposed to make sense.Things that I think I know, change. Things I thought I knew... I was wrong. So I have decided to stop struggling against the tide of life and just go with the flow. Life is good and we are blessed. We just have to look for the beautiful moments. They are everywhere.  
Finding faults in life is easy.  Doing something about them can be a challenge. But the true struggle I see in myself  is finding the beauty of life on a consistent basis. I have to remind myself that I can 'choose' happiness.  I can 'see' beauty and love the experience.
I think it was Wayne Dyer who quoted in one of his books.... 

"What we focus on expands."   
Which, when you think about it, makes complete sense.

Today on my run I started off grumbling about this and that. Complaining in my head about things in life that are unfair.  Seeing the lack.  After a mile of negative self talk, Jax and I came upon this hill of bark. Right in the middle of nothing really. I stared annoyed at first (not sure why), however Jax thought it was super exciting! He spotted the hill quickly from a distance (being that it was completely out of the ordinary on our ordinary running path) and bounded up the hill (pulling me along until I let go). He began pouncing in the bark, digging, jumping around and appeared completely content with where he was in that exact moment.
You could feel his joy.  He simply saw a hill, lived in the moment and was happy.

Okay, now after writing the above, I know what I really want. 
I want to be a dog.   

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