Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 174, 175 & 176: Feb 4th - Didn't see the ditch through the snow...ouch

Day 174, 175 & 176 - Didn't see the ditch through the snow. 

Beautiful morning.

Lightly twisted my ankle falling a few inches lower than I anticipated.. my foot landing in a ditch. ouch!

I didn't take a photo today. I stayed on the roads due to the new snow that fell last night and time limits, but frankly didn't see anything super interesting to stop and take a photo of.  Stopping requires taking off my gloves, getting my phone out of my spibelt without it falling into the snow, making sure Jax doesn't pull on my arm mid-shot (which has on several occasions led to a frozen phone) and snapping something. However, with only more white frozen stuff to take a photo of, it just wasn't worth the effort this morning.

Perhaps I should have taken a photo of the ditch my left foot landed in, had I not been cursing limping forward for several minutes afterwards. That might have been more interesting than more snowy road photos. ha ha.

However, snowy trails are a different kind of beauty :)
The following photos are from my beautiful run yesterday (Monday).  
Still a multitude of white scenes around, but oh so pretty and peaceful. 

I let Jax off leash in a couple areas so he is able to run around bat shit crazy, pee and sniff on everything.  I think this makes him a happy dog. 

and he's off again.. nice view Jax.
Jax is actually sitting still for a photo on take one... rare

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  1. Awesome - what an amazing journey you are doing and to be able to share that with your dog is even better!

    1. Thank you :)
      It certainly has been a fun journey so far! Jax is a great dog and I'm happy to be able to run with him as much as possible. He is a wonderful reminder of the present moment and enjoying the simple things.