Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 180: Sat Feb 8th - Smell that.... it's RAIN!

                                                      Day One Hundred Eighty: Smell that... it's RAIN!

flower buds growing on the trees
Spring is near.

Snow is melting. 

Birds singing. 

Small rain drops falling on my 
cheeks while running.


Thank heavens. 

Little signs of Spring popping up, while the mountains get loads of much needed snow.

Spring is near!  So happy :)

just beware of defrosted un-picked up dog poo.... I may just hand out doggie bags to dog owners I see on the trails this Spring... Gggrrrrrrr
As Bill Cosby would say... 
"COME ON PEOPLE!"   geez.....

On another happy note, much to the relief of my aching feet, 
I am hoping to buy a new (much needed) pair of my favorite Mizuno running shoes soon! 
Can't wait!!

I see dirt!

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