Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 177: Wed Feb 5th -

Day One Hundred Seventy-seven: 
The sky so blue... the ground so white.... 
the air SO COLD!

Ran without my BCF (best canine friend) today. :(

His back paw appeared to be bothering him as he has a slight limp after yesterdays run. So he stayed home, cozy on his bed. He didn't seem too bothered about not going, rather he seemed quite content to stay put, just glancing in my direction as I put on my shoes and headed out the door.

It was beautiful again outside. The air was crisp and cold.  The trail was not as slippery since it received a couple of inches of fresh snow yesterday that covered the icy areas, well.. most of them.  It was a hard work out plowing my feet through the snow in sections that were not already stomped on, though after a while I was not shivering anymore and that was nice, even took my gloves off. 

Spring is on the horizon. I look forward to seeing flowers, tree blossoms and green.  Winter has its beauty to be sure, however it is wearing out its welcome.

Stay warm!

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