Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 200: Fri Feb 28th - R is for Running

Day Two Hundred!
 R is for Running

Each morning after I've run, I look forward to writing the 'R' on my kitchen calendar. Silly really. However, it plays a role in my motivation, instant reward for accomplishing that days run, gives me a visual that keeps me on track... and last but not least, makes me happy and proud of myself for getting my feet out the door.

200 Days... yay! 

Now the 165 day countdown begins! 


  1. Quite an accomplishment. Keep running and may all the blessings keep your body healthy and determination strong. I have started to run and walk with a similar goal in mind. I am only a week into my own personal journey.

  2. Thank you! Wishing you the best on your own journey. I will say from my own experience with it, the days go by fast... sometimes too fast!