Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 198: Wed Feb 26th -

Day One Hundred Ninety-eight -  Blink

Blink and it is morning. Get up, balance (sometimes wrestle) the day.
Blink again and it's evening, the sun goes down. Time for bed.

I have a love hate relationship with time. Trying to stay focused on the present moment can be challenging for my brain. Each day I wake up with good intentions to 'enjoy the little things'.
Some days are good, but others blow away in a blur of hustle, bustle, fun and sometimes chaos. Each of which I am fortunate to experience, but ......I blink and I am writing another R on my calendar at home. R=Running no time attached to it, however time is there staring back at me.  SLOW DOWN DAMNIT!

After my first daughter was born, I commented how fast she was growing during that first year. 
My Grandmother said to me  "Just wait Celeste... time speeds up as you get older and before you know it, you blink, and your my age..."  I already feel like I'm living life in warp speed trying to keep up. 

Perhaps if I jam toothpicks into my eyelids...  I won't be able to Blink.

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