Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 179: Fri Feb 7th - love is basic

Day One Hundred Seventy-nine:
love is basic

We all carry reminders with us. Sometimes it is in the form of a photo in our wallet, a ring we wear on our finger, a pin on our jacket, or even a thought or memory we repeat inside our hearts. Mine I wear on my wrist. 3 braided bracelets. Braclets I bought last summer at the a outdoor festival, one for me and one for each of my daughters. They wore theirs for a while until they eventually slipped off. I found one on them counter and the other in the laundry after washing clothes. I tied them on a couple months ago to keep company with my own. They represent my heart. The braided bright colors remind me of their fun and unique personalities, the joy they bring to life and how much I love them. 

My eyes catch a glimpse of the bracelets several times each day as the colors are bright against my wrist. It may be while I type on my keyboard writing an e-mail or while I am cooking dinner, chopping onions, folding clothes, or even while laying in bed reading a book but mostly I notice them while I am out running and stop to take a photo or check my watch to make sure I head back home in time to get ready for work, and when I see them... I smile inside. 

The bracelets are simple, but that is exactly why I love them. Just like love is simple.  Love is basic.

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