Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 187 & 188: Sat and Sun Feb 16th - Roses are red... and so is my knee.

Day 187 & 188 - 

Roses are red... and so is my knee.

felt worse than it looks...

What started off as a beautiful Sunday morning, running the dense trails winding through the large dog park.... ended abruptly. We were racing at a good clip, pouncing around brush, stick and mud beds like deer on the small dense trails that snake throughout the woods, when suddenly one of those sticks hiding in the mud grabbed the toe of my shoe as I was springing over a mucky hidden stream.  Down I went... slamming my knee deep into the thick gunk of murky sticks, decaying leaves and rocks while my left hand and wrist caught the rest of my fall hitting hard on the other side on the dirt.
Very jarring. Falling frankly... sucks.  However, other than a few scratches, small bruise on my knee, a wrist that feels a little on the sprain side... I'm good :)

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