Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 178: Thurs Feb 6th - Chaos is for the Dogs

Day One Hundred Seventy-eight: Chaos is for the Dogs

more ice and snow and more on the way.....
Chaos is for the Dogs... How so?  His name is Jax.  Having not run yesterday and doing little more than rest on his bed and eat, this morning he was absolutely FULL of energy.  Letting him off leash on the trail for a while had him acting like it was his best. day. ever! I think he saved up his energy from the day before and let all hell break loose running crazy around. Poor guy needs a back yard. I played chase with him while running, which was a fun way to increase my workout and test my lung capacity.  

I think I've become a little bit of a fixture running up and down the same hill on the way to the woods and trail. People wave to me as I go by and smile at Jax. Some call me crazy, some cheer me on if they see me out in bad weather while they are shoveling snow. It's fun.

I very much enjoy this crazy running streak more than I imagined I would. At least mentally, my body doesn't always agree or cooperate. I look forward (nearly)every day to that moment / feeling a mile into the run where I am no longer cold, my lungs and muscles are warmed up and I can ease into my pace. It feels natural and my mind melts away any frustrations / tensions. Even better is the feeling I have when I am back home after cruising down the hill, winded but feeling powerful and strong. I love it.

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