Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 160, 161, 162 and 163 Ups and Downs - life in 4 days...

Day 160, 161, 162 & 163
Ups and Downs - life in 4 days....

Well... once again I proved how challenging it is for me to write the blog while at home. My laggy laptop didn't help.  It was an up and down 4 days, challenged further by a bit of a bad stomach bug :(
Running was also up and down.  Some up days and some down days, but ran them all the same.  
On a positive note :)
Sunday was particularly beautiful. The river was completely frozen. Jax had fun running around the shallow ice areas, playing and jumping around like a child on too much sugar. We crunched around on the ice contemplating life and why area dog owners refuse to pick up their poo.  ggrrrrrrr

Monday through this morning the inversion was pretty yuck. Luckily I run early enough it doesn't seem as bad. However later in the day it is downright terrible. Good news! a mini wind storm is supposed to come by and clear some of it out tomorrow.

beauty vs. the beast of inversion

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