Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 142: Wed Jan 1st - New Years Day 2014

Day One Hundred Forty-one: A New Year
We say goodbye to a busy year and hello to a new one.
A fresh start.
I personally don't make New Years resolutions. I find that I make resolutions throughout the year. 
Promises to myself, my goals and aspirations are mostly constant. Sometimes they take hold and sometimes they fall to the wayside.  They are generally about trying to do better, save money, pay bills, be a better mom, have more fun, have less fun, eat healthy, run a lot, exercise, learn something new, expand my love of cooking, teach my daughters how to cook, get my house in order etc... whatever they are, my goals are generally about making the decision to hold myself accountable and be my best possible self. 
                                 So for 2014 I will continue on... 
The photos above are the remnants of neighbors firework celebrations that had all the dogs (including my own) going bat shit crazy barking as if we were under attack.  At least I didn't have to purchase them!

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