Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 149: Wed Jan 8th - Snowflakes on lashes

Day One Hundred Forty-nine:
"Snowflakes they stay on my nose and eyelashes.."
( now you are singing the song in your mind - you're welcome  :)

This morning was one of those mornings. Mornings where I ask myself - what the hell am I doing??
Not necessarily about running but life in general.  Funny enough, when I start to feel that way I purposely  push myself to run faster until I'm strongly out of breath and my brain shuts off... then I have peace. I find that if I tire my body, it quiets my mind. Soon after heading out the front door in the light snow storm it worked... I snapped off my flustered mind and simply focused on the zillion little snowflakes that were landing on my lashes. The million blinks my eyes made trying to free themselves from the cold snow. It felt good to my tired eyes. One we got to the hillside where the snow is deep, Jax went ape shit jumping in and out of the banks.   I threw snowballs up for him which he caught in his mouth with impressive precision.
He looked so happy.  I'm only half kidding when I say that I sometimes wish I were a dog. 
At least for a day.

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