Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 167, 168 & 169: Tuesday Jan 28th - Glorious Sunrise(s)

Day 167, 168 & 169 - Glorious Sunrise(s) 

Nice weekend and Monday off work. The past few mornings have been beautiful!
Yesterday Jax and I braved the higher trails on my second favorite route which tends to be on the slippery side early in the morning, so with careful footfalls I was able to avoid a bruised bottom and broken limbs.  There were a few close calls as we crested the top of a particularly steep ridge.  I tried to use Jax to my advantage (his 4 paws and power can come in handy from time to time) and had him go up first, helping guide me up a bit while I got my footing situated, however this plan nearly backfired as he caught the whiff of some dogs marking and started back down... dragging me down what would have been a painful ice slide (about 15 ft down).  I yanked my arm grabbing the closest branch and was able to find a dry patch to dig my foot in to regain my balance.  After a quick growl from me and a rush of adrenaline, we headed back up to the top successfully.  I think I will wait for Spring before attempting that portion of the trail again.. lol

Speaking of spring, we have some rain coming our way and mountain snow.  Love it!


  1. You ran to the top of that ridge??? You must be exceedingly fit - or have a very strong dog to haul you up. Beautiful sunrise pictures, it looks gorgeous....

  2. I wish it was that ridge!! Not quite though. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful however. I can't wait till Spring so I can hit their higher trails.