Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 151: Fri Jan 10th - An Ordinary Winter Day

Day One Hundred Fifty-One:
An Ordinary Winter Day

It's nearing mid-January. Holy smokes. Time -  I can't keep up with it.
Outside it was cold with the snow, slush, ice and slippery roads.  Run was good but just couldn't see anything unusual, interesting or inspiring to take a photo of. Either that or I've lost my creative / imaginative mind.   The mountains and being able to see them stand out is wonderful, but I've taken photos of them a bunch of times.  The snow is still white mostly, except where it's slushy, black, grimy and even worse... yellow.
The trees are still trees with empty branches. The road is still .... well the road and the trail still compact.  So... I gave up the photo for today. Yep.... my creativity is waning right now.
However, run was good and quick paced, though not long. This weekend I'll get some good runs in.
Maybe a good nights sleep will help recharge my tired brain.  Speaking of tired brain... coffee time.

Coffee effects!
I've love coffee.

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