Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 156: Wed Jan 15th - Snails Excitement

Power guy bear hugging pole.

Day One Hundred Fifty-six
Snails Excitement

Beautiful weather with hints of an upcoming spring (and defrosted dog poo.....yuck).  Jax ran so fast this morning I almost needed roller skates on to keep up with him. So full of energy and spunk.

Later during the day I was privileged to be able to witness and watch from my office window this giant crane put up a new transmission pole (I think that it what it is called) at a snails pace. It took hours and semi-blocking the road. So it was a quiet day but also quite fascinating.
 I have to admit I winced a few times watching and imagining freak accident scenarios....the cord snapping, power lines zapping and the pole crashing utop my building.... ouch. 
That would not have been a pretty sight. 
Good thing it wasn't me up there or that is precisely what would have happened.  

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