Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 172: Fri Jan 31st - Speedy day

Day One Hundred Seventy-Two: Speedy day

this made me giggle

Didn't get a photo taken today. Had to rush out the door, ran my tail off and had to get back. Definitely a good speed workout tho. 
The bear photo above made me laugh. I sometimes envision what I would do in certain situations when I am out running. This is one of the wild scenarios I play in my mind, especially if I'm running in more of an isolated woodsy area.  
Which led me to wonder... what DO you do if a bear is chasing you. 
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Here are some of the funny answers I read on Field and Stream:

"What do I do when I'm being chased by a bear..."

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hold your breath, turn around, take your time, aim and shoot it dead, dont miss or your toast
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Step one: Put your head between your legs
Step two: Kiss your a$$ goodbye

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from Drop your pack if you have one. This could be your best chance of distracting the bear. If you stay calm, it may get preoccupied with your pack, especially if it contains food and allow for a clean getaway. If the bear has already started chasing you and it’s you it’s after, I would revert to the previous two answers.
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from Throw it a jar of honey! That one in my kids Hundred Acre Woods books sure seemed to like it!

if its Brown,...lay down. If its black,...Fight back!
you dont have to out run the bear just the person you are with
Though this next one seems to have some pretty good suggestions:

1.) Carry bear pepper spray. Experts recommend that hikers in bear country carry with them bear pepper spray. Bear pepper spray is a highly concentrated capsaicin spray that creates a large cloud. This stuff will usually stop a bear in it’s tracks.
2.) Don’t run. When you run, the bear thinks you’re prey and will continue chasing you, so stand your ground. And don’t think you can out run a bear. Bears are fast. They can reach speeds of 30 mph.
3.) Drop to the ground in the fetal position and cover the back of your neck with your hands. If you don’t have pepper spray or the bear continues to charge even after the spray, this is your next best defense. Hit the ground immediately and curl into the fetal position.
4.) Play dead. Grizzlies will stop attacking when they feel there’s no longer a threat. If they think you’re dead, they won’t think you’re threatening. Once the bear is done tossing you around and leaves, continue to play dead. Grizzlies are known for waiting around to see if their victim will get back up.

Pepper Spray ...

Learned something new today.  Bring a friend who is slower than myself! However, this might not be easy. Everyone I know who runs... runs faster than I do!

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