Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 143: Thurs Jan 2nd - Lost Glasses?

Day One Hundred Forty-three: 
Oh Say Can You See??!

I hope whomever lost these glasses, had a backup pair! lol   I laugh only because if I lost my glasses / contacts while running I would be fumbling about, tripping and falling my way home. I'm not sure I would make it home.
Had a wonderful run this morning with Jax. We both ran a good clip. I love that I am getting faster while not trying. I tend to not care about my speed since I am naturally on the slow side, but I've noticed that my routes go by a bit faster than usual and I can pick up my speed without getting as winded as before when I've tried to test my running limits.  There is something freeing and powerful about speeding along some days.  I love this feeling!


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