Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 164 - Thurs Jan 23rd - Get me outta here!!

Nope... this isn't a photo of a mystical fog enveloping the land.
DAY 164 - Get me OUTTA here!!

<------------------------------  IT'S INSANE!!!

I said I would focus on the beautiful parts of my run.  But enough is enough.  The air is so thick you can taste it, leaving your throat dry, your nose and head stuffy and your asthma spray on empty. I long for the Northwest air, trees and green!

Climbing up on the foothills we were able to escape the most dense parts of the blucky valley.  Jax had a ball running off leash, slipping on ice and marking his territory throughout the trail. I did a bit of slipping as well. Probably not the best idea to run up here, but I'd rather risk a bruised bottom than run through that muck :)


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