Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 45: Thurs Sept 26th - Dear Achilles....

Day Forty-five:  (Letter to my Achilles tendon)

Dear Achilles Tendon,
We've been friends a long time.  We have been through a lot together. Between surgeries long ago, ice baths, ice packs, rough massages to break up scar tissue so you would be out of pain and lately through the many sessions of yoga to help you stretch, strengthen and be your best. You've always been there for me. In return, I have tried everything to keep you injury free.  But lately,I feel that you are fighting against my efforts to make things work. I feel your resistance to loosen up as I get ready to run each morning.  You flare in defiance, rebelling against my trying (and pleading) for you to feel healthy and strong.
I hope we can continue a harmonious relationship, as I cannot run without you.  We make a good team you and I. 
I appreciate you dear Achilles.  I will do anything for you to be happy. I will bribe you even.  If you could just hang in there for the next 320 days, I will forever be grateful!
With much love, ~ Celeste 

p.s., if you continue to be difficult, don't EVEN think that means I will give up!  I won't cave to your stubborn tendencies, even if that means I have to run, at times, with a limp.  So be it! 
I can be just as stubborn as you. :)

Plant version of my Achilles Tendon... entwined thorns and all.


  1. Have you tried a heel insert or, better still, a ¾ length orthotic to slightly lift the heel and take a bit of pressure off your achilles? I wear Orthoheel 'Regular' orthotics in ALL my shoes to counter over pronation and relieve pressure on my calf muscles and achilles. Worth a try....

    1. That is definitely worth a try! I am going to pick some up this weekend. Thank you for the suggestion :)